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Please enquire about translating government-issued documents from other former USSR Republics, and Ukrainian Diplomas

We offer quick and accurate translations – in most of the cases the turnaround time can be one day, or even just a few hours, and we do not charge extra for expedited service, we are just happy to go the extra mile for You, dear customer!

Your certified and notarized translation can be delivered anywhere in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Roosevelt Island at no additional charge.  Orders are accepted from everywhere, including Westchester, Staten Island, Long Island, The Bronx, and New Jersey, where it could be difficult to find a Russian-speaking Notary Public or a Russian Translator. The documents can be mailed to you when they are ready and you can safely pay through PayPal. You do not have to leave your home or office - just take photos of your documents with your smartphone and email them to:

Certified Notarized Translation

Prepared by an experienced and thorough translator, your document will contain a Notarized Translation Accuracy Certification, complete with a licensed New York State Notary Public’s raised seal and signature.  Our translations are accepted by the USCIS, the WES (World Education Services), CUNY and other Colleges, DMV, Employers, Public Schools, Medical Institutions, Courts of Law, and other organizations and agencies. 

Russian or Ukrainian Birth Certificate Translation / Russian Marriage Certificate Translation / Справка о Несудимости

Collecting paperwork for immigration, employment, or school is boring and time consuming, but it does not have to be stressful.  We can help you minimize the time and effort it requires by providing prompt and accurate translation of your Russian-issued documents according to US standards.  Our translation includes meticulous research to make sure that the integrity of your original data remains intact after it was translated into English – that means correct spelling of names, geographic locations, municipalities, organizations that issued your documents and their official stamps.  We can translate Birth or Marriage Certificates issued in Russia or any other former Soviet Union Republic.  We can also translate your American-issued Birth, Marriage, or Death Certificate into Russian language according to Russian Embassy translation guidelines.

Russian (or Ukrainian) Diploma Translation


Special attention is given to Russian (and/or Ukrainian) Diploma translation, such as Russian (Ukrainian) High School and Institute Diplomas with Academic Transcripts.  We understand that it is important to match the subjects that you already studied as closely as possible to those that are taught in Colleges here in the USA.  Incorrect translation of subjects can cause a student considerable setbacks and unnecessary expenses, because, as a consequence, the Diploma cannot be properly evaluated, and the student might have to re-take the courses that he or she already previously completed.  We help you avoid this by putting great effort into research of academic criteria and conformity. We can also format your translated Diploma on demand according to the requirements of the destination organization. If needed, your translated document can also be mailed directly where it is intended for. Our Diploma Translations are accepted by WES, CUNY, and other colleges - it is a proven fact. And don't worry, we do not charge crazy amounts for this work - it's a part of the deal.


Russian Immunization Records Translation


Some professional fields, and virtually all educational facilities in the USA require mandatory vaccination against certain diseases. Most of these vaccines are also administered in Russia (and other countries-former members of the USSR), and your Russian vaccination or immunization records are kept on files at municipal clinics. If you have a copy of these records in your possession, it can be translated into English, and presented upon request by appropriate authorities.  We have experience in properly preparing Certified Translation of Immunization Records from Russian to English with all the medically important details, according to the Department of Health guidelines.


 Russian Power of Attorney (Доверенность)


Russian Power of Attorney (Доверенность) is a document which allows your representative to perform a variety of actions on your behalf – such as collect or submit documentation from or to organizations and institutions, sign documents, make decisions, collect or deposit money, use, receive or gift property, and other such activities.  Because we are not a Law Firm, we cannot advise you on what you need to include in such a document, but we can explain how you can obtain correct information, and as a Russian-speaking Notary Public we offer our services in notarizing and ‘legalizing’ such document (Доверенность для России) properly, so it gets accepted by authorities in Russia (or other former USSR countries for which it is intended).  This is done by attaching an Apostille to your notarized document – a procedure that we can accomplish in one business day, without extra fees for expedition.




In order to make it valid in countries outside of USA, and even for the Russian Embassy (Consulate) in the USA, an Apostille has to be attached to your notarized or certified document. Apostilles are required for Power of Attorney and for Certified Copies of Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates issued by the US Health Department. We can guide you through the steps that need to be taken in order to obtain a proper form of the document and get it Apostilled stress-free and on time. A guide-translator is also available for accompanying you to the City bureaus.

Mobile Notary Public

As a Notary Public, I visit Nursing Homes, Senior Care Facilities, Hospices, Hospitals, Residences, Schools, and Offices, and have experience in performing notarizations of Power of Attorney, Health Proxy forms, Divorce Documents, Wills, and other documents. I understand that certain situations require patience and confidentiality. This service is also available on weekends and late evenings. In addition, I can assist you with certified copies of official documents, for example, a Notarized Copy of a Russian Passport. (A word of caution here: a lot of notaries simply stamp a copy of your document and send you on the way. This is wrong! Stamping/signing a copy this way has no legal validity. If you need a NOTARIZED COPY of a government-issued document that will actually be accepted, there is a specific, proper process for that in New York State, - please inquire.

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